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Humboldt Driving School offers driving lessons, driving education classes and more! Call 707-442-4083 today!

Humboldt Driving School is a family owned and operated a professional driving school in Eureka, CA serving Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino Counties. We provide the most professional driver’s Education Program available as well as the safest and most convenient Driver’s Training. We also offer specialized driving instructors for senior citizens. Call us at 707-442-4083 today to sign up for driver’s training and prices.

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Learn to drive with practical tips and guides from our instructors. Our driving instructor strives to help all of our students become better drivers. Thousands of our students have passed their written and driving DMV tests. We offer online driver’s education classes. The online driver’s education class is only $75.

Take advantage of our essential driving programs today! At Humboldt Driving School, we will help you become a defensive and alert driver. We work closely with you to accommodate your schedule and collaborate with you to define and track your progress. We have been serving Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino Counties for over 20 years.

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