Driving Classes in Eureka California

Drivers Ed Eureka CA

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Drivers Education Online Only

Humboldt Driving School in Eureka, CA offers the driver’s education program online only course. We offer a comprehensive driver’s education program and licensing instruction for anyone who wishes to learn proper and safe driving. Become a great driver by following the rules of the road. Some important safety tips include:


Keep both hands on the steering wheel.


Refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking while driving,


Never drink alcoholic beverages before or while driving.


Obey all traffic signals and drive the speed limit, especially in a school or hospital zone.

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Professional Driving Program

If you are looking for a professional driving program, contact us at Humboldt Driving School. We are family owned and operated and customers come from Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino Counties and receive the safest, convenient, and fun driver’s training you will need. Our driving instructor will help you become a smart and educated driver. Driving classes include:


Driver’s Education – Online Only


Driver’s Training (6 hours)


Driver’s Education Plus Driver’s Training (6 hours)

Humboldt Driving School is committed to providing stellar driver education, with dependable and friendly instructors, and top quality customer support. We always practice safety and teach our student drivers the best driving practices!

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